Twitter Suspends Charlie Kirk


What did you send me here that Charlie's been banned from Twitter Suspended from Twitter because why I hope in your microphone Rachel Levine who used to work at a top slot in the state of Pennsylvania Now works at HHS Assistant HHS secretary had a lot on me You know what a lot behind me is mister Medusa I think that's the technical phrase having never gone to medical school but reading many medical journals of course He had a lot out of me So now he is a she Now the problem with he being a she with a lot of me Is that's not what makes a he is she Now I learned this I think in 8th grade About chromosomes double X chromosomes X Y chromosomes something like that my memory serves It's been a long time Long time since I've delved into this or even had a reason to You know I'm like old fashioned You have that you're a guy You don't have that but you have the other thing you're a female I mean God works in wondrous ways So Rachel Levine Had a lot out of me I think And self identifies as a female And I think the Babylon bee which is a hilarious site intended to be hilarious and Charlie Kirk who's a very very bright young man dared to point that out Is that the problem mister producer And they're not biologists I suppose But if a biologist pointed it out I guess they'd be suspended to So for that he suspended from Twitter

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