Newest Polling Data Raises Alarm Bells for the Biden Regime


You're staring down the barrel of right now. Biden only gets 82 percent of his 2020 vote. 82% of his 2020 vote. And that's only 84% among Democrats. So he's only doing slightly better with partisan Democrats than he is over with his overall base, which is a distressing distressing signal. So if we're going to break this down one level more, okay? The base is upset with their president. 25% of Biden 2020 voters disapprove of his job and get this. Biden's disapproval is 27% of self proclaimed liberals. This is the disapproval rating. 19% among Democrats, which is a slightly more partisan hardened partisan group. 25% among African Americans. So that means basically he's got 75 of the African 75% of the African American vote, which is a huge slip. Is disapproval rating is 40% among urban voters. And this is where it gets really, really juicy. 57% among women, I mean, that's like, that's earth shattering. If you're a Democrat, political operative, you're looking at that number 57% among women disapproval rating. And you are having a panic attack. You are ringing that Democrats tend to win the female vote. I have to say, it's partly because women tend to be more relationally based, more emotional in their decision making. I'm not trying to be negative or I'm not being critical of women out there, but this is the way God just made us and we celebrate the sexes and the strengths and the differences. Democrats tend to appeal to emotions, purely emotions, and they tend to win that. So when you see a number that says 57% of women do not support or disapprove of Joe Biden's job ratings, that is a fire alarm folks.

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