Daily Mail: Mothers Forced to by Intolerant Baby Formula Due to Shortage


It looks like big baby formulas at it now As well as big electricity joining big meat big week big corn big oil in order to profiteer off the American people in this time of inflation What we need is more government more regulations More taxes more investigation We need to get to the bottom of this Well at the bottom of this is the American Marxist movement The long war on our economic system People trying to make America poor trying to destroy our capitalist system Desperate mothers are forced to buy formula They know will make babies sick as an unprecedented shortage leave shelves bare and prices rocket to a $120 they can due to a national recall and supply crisis Reads the daily mail Winter ball drop of Tennessee says she broke down after going to 6 stores calling others as far as three hours away they did not have her baby's formula The infamous neutrino the only formula her baby tolerates was out of stock Ball thrup is among a growing number of mothers who've resorted to desperate options to feed their babies as America continues to struggle with the shortage

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