So Hollywood Is Celebrating Will Smith's 'Toxic Masculinity?'


So just to be clear Hollywood which is just infested with not just liberals but radical far left leftist nuts moon bat crazy They insist to us that toxic masculinity Displaying masculine characteristics we would associate with chivalry and the old defending your wife in the old schools all toxic We should break down those barriers There'll be a better more harmonious world moving forward if we just dump these masculine characteristics So you get a guy who takes it to the extreme a comedian makes fun of his wife Chris Rock makes fun of Will Smith Will Smith walks up on stage smacks the guy on live TV in front of 13 million people He goes up 40 minutes later to accept his Academy Award Will Smith and everybody's like we love you will You're the greatest Oh my gosh will What are we doing without you These crying Everybody else is crying He's at the party He's singing getting jiggy with it later on I'm not kidding the video's out there He's dancing Everybody's taking selfies with him So just to be clear toxic masculinity is a horrible awful thing that's gonna lead to the destruction of society as we know it But go on stage and slap a guy get around to applause and get

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