FEE: How Government Created the Baby Formula Shortage


There's a great site dot com to freedom based site It's a group that's been around since I was a kid It's been around a long long time And of course the propagandists like Buttigieg in the others are out there left and right but as they write here Christina now that's not her All right it cut off on my printer but let's get to the facts Few may realize if a baby formula is one of the most regulated food products in America You know who said that The New York Times Back in March 2021 Christina selenski writing in The New York Times said baby formula is one of the most tightly regulated through pilots in the U.S. With the Food and Drug Administration dictating the nutrients and vitamins and setting strict rules about how formulas produced packaged and labeled Well there's only four companies that do this Well now you know why It's so heavily regulated Nobody can really break into the market Despite these regulations more likely because of them many American parents buy an approved unapproved European formula even though New York Times reporters zelensky notes it's technically against the law There are large Facebook groups devoted to European formulas she writes where parents share spreadsheets and detailed notes on ingredients and how these formulas compare in their U.S. counterparts she notes This was written a year ago Some caregivers report choosing them because European brands offer certain formula options like those made from goat's milk Our mug from Pasteur from pasture raised cows Which are rare nonexistent in an FDA regulated form in the U.S. Other European brands because of the perception that the formulas are of a higher quality

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