CEO Devin Nunes Shares the Latest Updates About Truth Social


He is the CEO of president Trump's new platform true social. Devin Nunes, welcome back to America first. Sea bass, it's great to be with you. I think, and this is my first time in this new role, I believe, or second time, maybe. I think second time, I thought you were very fresh, I think we had you on just after the announcement. And now we've got a big breaking news day. So first things first, how's it going on true social? We played the president's clip from Saturday that the waiting list has been decimated. This is, we're going to have your former chief investigator, cash Patel on. He says it is functioning in such a way that's incomparable for conservatives just the re engagement on true social talk to us about how the platforms functioning. Well, I think everybody sees it including you Sebastian that if you're on Twitter or Instagram, you're just getting more interaction on truth already. Yes. And remember, we had a beta test that only ended four days ago when we moved over to the rumble architecture fully architectured cloud can not be canceled by any tech tyrants. So we're into day 5 of this, and we continue to just add people day by day by day. And we're only on Apple. So, what does that mean? It means a few things, but most importantly, it shows that number one, we have been shadow banned and censored by these other platforms, and two, I think it also shows these platforms don't have as many actual humans and actual people as they claim to have had, because even if you did all the sensory and all the shadow banning, it's impossible that nearly everybody that has come over the truth that still has a Twitter account or an Instagram account, how are they getting so much engagement on such a platform like ours that's just beginning. So it's inspiring. It's great. People are coming in droves. We want to invite people. Apple App Store. It's up. You can get it on your iPhone.

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