May 20: Expanded Release by Popular Demand of '2000 Mules'


I've got some big news about 2000 meals, guys, so this Friday, may 20th. The movie is going to be in the theater. It's going back into the theater, but it's going back into the theater in a new way. The first time we were in the theater, we rented out theaters about 300 of them. And the movie showed for just two days on a 7 p.m. showing. And essentially what we did is we bought out the theater. We recovered some of our costs through by selling tickets. This is not like that. What happened is with the success of the movie, everyone talking about the movie. A lot of independent theaters began to call us. Hey, why can't we have this movie in the theater? And we were like, you know what? This is fantastic. A lot of our people love to see the movie in groups. Love to see it in the theater. In fact, we've been bombarded with people trying to organize groups. Hey, how do we organize a group showing? And of course, organizing a group showing both privately or in theaters really difficult. Because if you're doing it privately, how do you get the acoustics to work? If you're doing it with a theater, you got to negotiate with that theater manager. It becomes an unbelievably complex operation. So this is wonderful. This Friday, may 20th, about 400 theaters are going to open 2000 meals as a normal release and what I mean by that is for showings a day. And this is not a case where you have to go at 7 p.m.. You can go whenever you want, and you buy tickets also the normal way. So what you do is you go to our website, which is 2000 meals dot com, and it will connect you to the ticket buying sites like Adam or Fandango, there are a couple of others. And then when you go to Fandango, you sort of search the local theater near you, it'll pop right up. You buy tickets and this is a way. So you don't need now to organize special screenings per se, just organize you and your friends, organize you and your women's Republican group. You can kind of go as a group and you can see it in the theater, starting this Friday in a normal

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