Kevin McCullough and Eric Discuss Lis Wiehl's New Book


And an hour or two. We're talking to Liz wheel, you will remember her. I should say it's Lee's wheel from Fox News and she has written a book about the most, it's unspeakable. The most evil spy in modern history, a spy in plain sight, my friend Kevin McCullough who's going to be my guest for this hour is holding up a copy of the book. Well, Kevin. It's a great book. And Lisa is a great interview on it because her father was an FBI agent for all of her growing up years. And this was really the case that she takes apart in this book was really a fundamental failure of that system. And given what we've seen with current things like the elections in 2020 and so forth, there's some very interesting perspective that I'm sure you'll get out of her. So it should

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