Ask Officer Tatum: Does the Bible Call for Christians to Married?


Love you guys. But the Bible says is best to not marry. You can serve God better, but if you can't control yourself then marry. Well, I don't interpret it that way. I could be wrong. I think that the Bible is illustrating that if it's going to be a distraction to you, it's better for you not to get married. If God has called you to do mission work overseas, and somehow you entering to a committed relationship with a woman that is not okay with you going overseas. And you will begin to have obligation of children. Can you further your mission that God has called you to do if marriage is going to prevent you from doing that, then you need to yield or not get married? However, the Bible does articulate the church and it compares that crisis to hit of the church and the fathers to hit the household. Every single person almost outside of Jesus. Well, how Jesus even got to this point is because men were involved in relationships with women in the lineage from David all the way down to the lineage of Jesus Christ, even Mary and Joseph were married in a relationship. So I think that God is instructing us to be married. It's the best opportunity for us to be successful to be to be married. But if God has called you to do some emeritus is going to distract you, it's better that you don't waste your time and not fulfill the call and God has had on your

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