Jen Psaki Doesn't Deny Discussion to Remove IRGC From Terror Blacklist


Go ahead A Brett mcgurk conducted a call just a couple of days ago and we've been briefing them with a range of national security officials And then as the RC for done rather the Islamic revolutionary guard poor IRGC Has it done anything to be eligible to be removed for the terror blacklist Well I think you're asking me this because it's been out there as a possible discussion but there's no deal at this point So if and when there's a deal we'll have a discussion about what's in the deal Outside of the deal though does it take action to be removed from that terror blacklist Do you have to do something to get off of it You have to make a decision yes Unbelievable Unbelievable The tap dancing here by this woman These are basic questions It's really quite simple They help purpose of the treaty clause of the constitution Which has not been complied with here thanks to Mitch McConnell the former senator from Tennessee bob corker just so you know Mitch McConnell did this And bob corker rhinos Made the country much more dangerous as far as I'm concerned And this is when I had it with Ben sasse and he called me up to try and persuade me to stop pounding bob corker all of this And I told him to go fly a kite He'll fly a kite mister constitutionalist This is really quite shocking ladies and gentlemen That Russia's negotiating for us still she should have said the R the IRGC the Republican guard military of the Iranians of course we're not going to take them off the terrorist list Why can't she say that because it's in play

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