Judicial Watch's Chris Farrell Describes His Credentials


Is the director of research and investigations for that superlative organization judicial watch. Chris Farrell, welcome in studio. Great to be with you, Seth. Thank you. You've been on the show multiple times. You've been on my newsmax show for those who are just accidentally tuning in now or have found us on Salem TV. Would you just for a couple of seconds talk about your national security credentials, what you did in uniform before you joined your judicial watch. I was commissioned as a military intelligence officer in the U.S. Army, specifically as a counterintelligence officer. And I served in that role doing mostly counter espionage work, investigations, running double agent operations and also commanding the army's surveillance team. We did physical technical and aerial surveillance of counterintelligence suspects, but also in support of clandestine human intelligence operations. I then went on to actually cross strain and besides being a can respond to case officer. I became a clandestine human intelligence case officer. And so I have a foot in each world in the world of human intelligence, both countering bad guys who are trying to spy against us, but then also in their field of human intelligence, which is us trying to have persons from foreign countries provide intelligence to U.S. to U.S.

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