Sen. Rick Scott Wants to Flatten Tax Rates, Like Ronald Reagan


But here's where it gets really weird Rick Scott the junior Republican senator from Florida Has a plan not to raise taxes but a plan to flatten the tax rates There is a big difference There is a I don't want to bore you guys to death But there is a difference between tax rates and tax revenues okay Ronald Reagan cut the tax rate The top tax rate when Ronald Reagan got into office with 71% Ronald Reagan cut it over a series of years in conjunction with Republicans In Congress and some Democrats he cut it down to 28% So now if you're a simpleton like a lot of Democrats sorry like oh he cut the tax rates so tax revenue must have went down It did not Tax revenue doubled It went from about 505 hundred million a billion excuse me To about 900 billion I must have lost in powers $1 million went to about 900 billion Folks again you can look that up It's out there just go to tax revenue by year It's a fact it's not open to your opinion Tax revenue went up even after ingesting for inflation by about I think it was about 26% or something like

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