Mike Rowe Has a New Show: 'The Story Behind the Story'


Mike Rowe, welcome. Eric, what a pleasure to be here with you and you're literally dozens of viewers. I can't wait. Uh, yes. And isn't it sad that you have to come on a show this low rated to pump up your show that the barely exists? Now listen, pal, I've had it with you. I'd fire him. Is it really going to be like this for 25 minutes? No, no, he couldn't be. He couldn't be. We would die. Here's the issue. Here's the issue. I like you so much. My love language is to make fun of people in public. That's how you know I like you. I like you. But let me like you back. Let me just say to the audience because I believe there's a couple of people tuning in, that the reason I'm talking to you today is because you're launching a show on this very network. It's called the story behind the story behind the story behind the story behind the story. It airs Saturday nights at 9 p.m.. That's basically, that's like, that's a big time on TV. A lot of people are going to watch your show. Don't get nervous. But I think it's just something. Here's my issue. Got it. I want to know about this show. But before I ask you about this show, don't do me a favor, do my audience for most people know who you are. But if somebody says to you, Mike Rowe, who are you, what are you known for? What do you say? I'm dying to hear this. Oh, son of John and Margaret. One of three boys, the oldest. And not necessarily the most successful, but certainly the busiest. You may know me from shows like dirty jobs. Somebody's got to do it. Returning the favor. A podcast called the way I heard it, a foundation called micro works, various and sundry endorsement deals with all sorts of corporations that will ring a bell. And that kind of thing. With corporations in the business. You're not a great artist like Al sharpton, like going to companies and telling them. No, not like the Al sharpton and I are often confused. Not exactly like

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