Justice Douglas Manipulated Facts in Griswold v. Connecticut


But let's continue here with our train of thought So William Douglas justice Douglas decision not only found a right of privacy in penumbras and emanations He had to manipulate the facts in the case In griswold versus Connecticut And so all those people waving around griswold are waving around a lie and they're perfectly happy with doing it Susan Collins Lisa Murkowski among them Estelle griswold was the executive director of Planned Parenthood league of Connecticut And doctor C Lee buxton the group's medical director gave information and prescribed birth control to a married couple Griswold and buxton not the married couple were later convicted and find a $100 each So in other words the couple that use the contraceptives they were charged with anything You're free to use the contraceptives But under Connecticut law it's the people who distributed them They were not allowed to distribute them The relationship issue then was doctor patient not husband wife Yet Douglas framed his opinion around a presumed right to marital privacy It had nothing to do with marital privacy It had to do with who is licensed to sell these products 60 some years ago

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