What JD Vance's Win of the GOP Nomination in Ohio Means For the US


I mean, this is just amazing. What we saw happening out in Ohio because JD Vance, wow, he just climbed in the polls. In the last couple of weeks, interestingly, after Donald Trump endorsed him. He did win the day out there in Ohio. He now advances to the big race in November. He's running against senator rob. Well, he's running against center Tim congressman. Tim Ryan, I should say, this is for senator rob Portman's seat, rob Portman, of course, is retiring getting out of politics. And this will be an interesting one because what I love about Ohio voters is that they really are just kind of salt of the earth and they're interested in a lot of the same things that frankly I think you and I are interested in from a policy perspective. And so it will be extremely interesting to watch. I should point out that Tim Ryan, he has a history of being pretty tough on China. He is a history for standing up for the American people on the jobs front. He's very anti inflation. I mean, he's got a lot of values that are somewhat aligned with a lot of the conservative values, not all of them, for sure. Not all of them. But that's why it's going to be so interesting because he's not an AOC type. He's not a Bernie Sanders type is not Elizabeth Warren type. He kind of didn't fit in entirely perfectly to the Democrat party. So now he's running against somebody who is really the antithesis of everything that the Democrats stand for. And that'll be a very interesting barometer to see where that heads for us as a nation. Don't forget, this Vance victory is seen as a Trump victory because Trump endorsed him and it really could spell some pretty good news for Trump endorsed candidates. I think in other upcoming primaries, including what we're seeing in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia, all over the country,

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