John O'Neill Previews Co-Authored Book 'The Dancer and the Devil'


Well the one that really see it Mark I think your American Marxism which is a fabulous book Now we stop the Marcus Marxist from taking over And I think sadly the dancer and the devil is the story of the hell they create when they actually do take over in Stalin's period and Putin Russia and yeltsin's in chase China When we tried to write the book we wrote the book and I should tell you we had a incident We had the entire book on a computer all of a sudden the computer was opened at 4 o'clock in the morning That seems strange And my co author's website was hit probably 40 different places in China And then all the material on the cloud was all destroyed And we went to the they were looking for sources We went to the FBI They recommended a forensics expert We got the forensics expert in our book was hit Our manuscripts and our sources were hit from China They didn't get the sources Thank God that would relate directly to China And so this is a book they really didn't want people to read at all And it was funny The publishers in New York said we love the book We love the part about solid but you have to take out the part of that China And we said look sorry it's been around for a little while And it's either a full glass of water or no glass of water So people desperately want to know more 15 million people in the world have died a million Americans And they really want to know what on earth happened at Wuhan How did this virus come about And yet we're afraid to afraid to tell It's like a subject that people are afraid to discuss So that's how it's done That is sort of the endgame of the book

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