Spoiled Princess (MM #4063)

The Mason Minute


The NASA minute. With Kevin mason. It's been no secret that I'm a cat lover. I've had cats now for going on 30 years, something like that, I think. My first wife was the one that got us cats the first time, and I wasn't thrilled about it then, but it did change my life. Right now, we have one, our princess, if you will, are spoiled princess, busy, who rules the house, it's her house and we just happen to live here. Recently, we've had visitors, and it's not that their visitors who want to bother us. Well, visitors who are curious because they see the cat behind the glass. We've got cats who roam the neighborhood and they just stop by. And they don't stop by to cause trouble. It's like they're curious. And so she sits in her little front window perch and freaks out because she's an indoor cat. She's never really been outside and, well, she can't handle it. She doesn't know what to do. Fright or flight, and she bangs her head against the window and she kisses and she growls and now they won't stay close, but they stay around. They're just being friendly. They're just stopping by and saying hi. So what does our spoiled princess do? She sits in the window and watches and yawns. Well, I'm sure we'll have another visitor today or tomorrow or whenever and want to hear the bumping on the window. I'll know what to do.

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