Dan Bongino's Love Affair With the Deadlift


But one of the questions was about my love affair with the deadlift but I'll tell you one of the lessons I've learned in gosh now 30 plus years of being under this deal Is if you can do a force stretch at the bottom you got to be I mean it can be dangerous You got to be careful You could risk a tear if you're not ready for it You gotta be really really warmed up But say you're doing a bench press especially on those bench press machines where you can you know you can be a little more wide ranging with the range of motion because you don't have to worry about getting pinned underneath a bar If you hold that stretch position at the back and you're using a decent amount of weight I don't care how long you've been lifted You are going to be sore as the next day I woke up this morning And I don't really lift heavy anymore I'm 47 I don't know how much of the capacity to do that My nervous system just doesn't fire like it used to But man I woke up this morning with someone sitting on my chest I had this old Secret Service friend He's telling me that this thing this little being called Ken Jones My kid Joan What the hell can show him Long story short is it was the end of a trip and we were in Canada and we had had a few adult sodas and a bar at the end of the trip and we were getting ready to get on a flight the next day back to the New York field office the agent's name was John this guy right And he's like man he's like I'm feeling a little rough this morning Ken Jones got me I'm like who's Kim Jong He's like it's that cat that when you've had a couple too many drinks he beats you up at night and pees on your face and stuff And I'm like that's real I'm like he's like no it's not real You idiot That kid shown That's what I felt like this morning Kim Jong Gabi I was like damn my chest is killing me

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