Marijuana Lollipop May Have Triggered Man's Heart Attack


So the authors do believe that this large dose of THC, which is the second component of marijuana. Put a sudden unexpected strain on the heart. It then increases heart rate cause hallucinations anxiety, therefore, causing blood pressure to rise at more heart rate, going up stress hormone catch a cold Amine got released all of that could affect on Now. This new case is one of many reports two thousand fourteen there was a young man in the UK at a heart attack after smoking marijuana. We've also talked about I've had this on my show. I've thought about this where there was a link between cardiomyopathy and heart failure. The younger the patients the word risk. They are two sudden, death and heart failure to marijuana. There was a study a couple years ago Lincoln wanted to transient ventricular regional ballooning. TV are be which is a ballooning part of the heart muscle. Not allowing it to pump right, hence heart failure. So this isn't the first time in two thousand sixteen. There was a study out of Saint Louis university hospital and found bear wanted to cause stress. Cardiomyopathy that is also a ballooning. And drugs can do that as well being sorrowful during a death? And being in grieving could also cause that, but unfortunately, this TV Rb is something that we are seeing more and more times linked to marijuana. Now, the reason why people, you know, people will not believe this height because adopted I hope wait a sec marijuana's been around for decades. And now that is legal is were hearing it could cause heart problems. I don't buy it. We should have heard about a decades ago. Well, yes, I agree. If there was a link we should have heard about it in the sixties and seventies. But think about me when I was an ER dog I asked about drug use. But if I had a guy with a heart attack or you couldn't speak too much. And he said no to that answer really quickly. I'm not really gonna go that much farther. I'm going to address his heart attack. Then I'm going to get him admitted. The transfer him some more, and then that's the end of that. And I don't go into the marijuana history. So before the legalisation of marijuana if I was in an acute care setting. I didn't really spend that much time on oh you smoke marijuana. There was a link because again, I had to get the guy stabilize again transferred. So it wasn't me. Now, what about the cardiologists could the cardiologists done it? He got the cardiologists all these years could have done it. But again their job is the heart. You know, if somebody denies that they smoke marijuana. Not everybody's going to get a drug test. They have a right to privacy. So I'm sure the average person when marijuana was illegal said no last thing, they want is the police coming because they admitted to have done something illegal. So my guess is many of the heart attacks that we have had. You know that might have occurred in pot smokers. There was always the leak it just it wasn't really publicized. So the interrelation of smoke. Maybe worse that edible. We're still trying to figure that out. People are asking me is safer to eat it than smoke. It. For the most part. I'd say yes, I don't like people bothering the lungs and making the lungs do things that that they weren't designed to do like filtering out cannabis antiques. However, people who smoke could get away with less dose that edible. And so what this lollipop they're making more. They're having multiple servings of THC, I don't understand why they would do that with the lollipop because I mean, you lick a lollipop it's already kind of dirty. You're supposed to throw it out. But apparently a lot of these lollipops are designed for multiple licks just doesn't make sense. So the history of the lollipop. This is interesting. They say the oldest precursor of today's lollipop this been reported by groovy candies dot com. Was from ancient Africa in Asia. Archaeologists believe that Chinese eras any all produce fruits and not confections that they candied in Honey, which serves as a preservative and inserted stakes into making it to make it easier to eat during the middle ages. They said the nobility would often eat boiled sugar with the aid of sticks or handles in the seventeenth century sugar became more available in Europe. And so the English enjoyed boiled sugar candy treats and inserted sticks into them. So in America, they think maybe maybe before the civil war, but this is George Smith of New Haven, Connecticut. Claim to be the first one vent the modern style lollipop and that was nineteen o eight. He used the idea of putting candy on a stick to make it easier to eat initially lollipops were soft rather than hard candy. Oh, I would prefer a soft candy. And then with automation they were able make multiple lollipops. Apparently in one thousand nine hundred they can make twenty four hundred lollipops per hour. And then in nineteen twelve of Russian immigrants Samuel born invented a machine that inserted six county. So then they can make a lot now lollipop beans tongue slap. Apparently, that's according to linguists, and they believe that one Dan street vendors were the ones that coined the name. Some suggest lollipop maybe a word of Roman or Roman origin related to the Roma tradition of selling coffee apples on a stick. I guess red. Apple is called lolly father. That's really

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