Mattel, on Rebound, to Debut Barbies with Disabilities


Business wars daily is brought to you by net. Sweet the business management software that handles every aspect of your business in an easy to use cloud platform net sweet has a special offer for listeners of this show and net sweet dot com slash BWI. Ellie be sure to stick around to hear more about it at the end of the show. From wondering, I'm David Brown. This is business words daily on this Thursday, February twenty first what a difference year makes last year. I conked toy company. Mattel was struggling toys. Arrests bankruptcy, hit it hard and sales of its Fisher Price. Thomas the tank engine and American Girl brands were suffering last summer, the Barbie manufacturer announced it would lay off twenty two hundred people almost a quarter of its workforce some investment analysts were scolding Mattel's leadership saying it should have accepted an earlier bid from its healthier rival Hasbro to buy the company, but the twin makers ended twenty eight teen with big surprises powerhouse Hasbro looked like the weakling after reporting shrinking fourth quarter sales in early February which it blamed on toys R us, but analysts were happy with Mattel that companies quarterly sales also fell about five percent to one and a half. Billion dollars. But it performed better than the market had expected, and it's growing again at the delicate hands of the Barbie doll sales of the long legged wasp waisted toys began climbing in two thousand fifteen when Mattel rebranded the line long, criticized as sexist into one the company claims celebrates girls empowerment and his Barbie hits the big screen in new Mattel develop movies, expect Barbies star to climb even higher. So yes, Barbie and Ken are back. But are they still the same hardly? The line's still features the same pretty unrealistically shape dolls Mattel's been selling for sixty years. But Mattel has also been diversifying Barbies to broaden their appeal to an ever more varied market new dolls come in more colors and sizes including some that are slightly curvier and shorter and Mattel partnering with National Geographic to release astrophysicist at a modest and y. Life photo journalist Barbies, and now it's diversifying even further. The company is releasing two dolls with disabilities. One with a wheelchair and another with a prosthetic leg. Jordan Reeves a thirteen year old advocate for people with disabilities helped design one of the dolls. She was born without a left forearm. Disability rights activists. Have cheered the move saying it will help reduce stigma, but one other potential addition to its lineup may or may not be coming soon last month. Mattel was reportedly in talks with a gay couple who was urging Mattel to release a line of same sex wedding sets. No news on that. Just yet. Whether Barbies continued transformation fueled enough growth to continue Mattel's recovery remains to be seen larger forces, especially the absence of toys R us from the US market could play a bigger role in the company success than Barbie. No matter what kind of shape she's in. I'm wondering this business wars daily hasn't thoughts about this episode or any other tweet us at business. Moore's I'm David Brown back with you tomorrow. Every company battles challenges as they grow updating manual processes, replacing inefficient systems getting a handle on cash flow as you scale, you'll need software that can handle that growth introducing net suite by oracle the business management software that handles every aspect of your business in an easy to use cloud platform with net. Sweet you can save time money and unneeded headaches by managing sales, finance and accounting orders, and HR instantly right from your desk or even your phone right now net suite is offering valuable insights to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back for free. Those insights come and guide called crushing the five barriers to growth, all you have to do to get it for free is to go to net sweet dot com slash be w daily again. Get nets weeds guide crushing the five barriers to growth when you go to net sweet dot com slash. BW daily now. One more time net sweet dot com slash VW daily.

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