Are eggs good or bad? New study links eggs to heart disease


Here's something that came out about eggs being linked to increased cholesterol now, and there is a risk of heart disease in this new study, and the thing that actually makes me laugh over all of this. We didn't we just see like a year ago that eggs are fantastic. For other years are good eggs are bad eggs since they do it with coffee, chocolate, eggs, you name it. An I E R you an I love eggs, egg Haller. Yeah. I probably have them every day almost almost every day. Yeah. Yeah. So they're they're saying now that this new study says that it is a it's a high sorts of dietary cholesterol, and this is linked to increased risk of heart disease and premature death and like Josh was just talking about it seems like just not too long ago. There was a study that comes out eggs are completely healthy for you. But now, they're not. And I think in another year, they're probably going to end up being. Okay. Again at that point. So I don't know. I I don't know obviously, how this is going to end up playing out. But I'm gonna continue down. I think that and again, I think this is if you have if you're having like three every single day, and if you do that math. I mean, that's Twenty-one eggs. It's almost two dozen eggs a week. Well, clearly, you don't want to consume that many eggs. And quite frankly, a lot of people will eat. Just egg whites at this point. I think I mean, certainly I like I like the yellow part as well. I mean, I like a Good Friday or or a good, scrambled eggs, or whatever. But I certainly like having like a boiled egg and just having like the egg whites which clearly you can eat a gazillion egg whites nine months, and she's like, you know, we'll make scrambled eggs, and she'll put little chunks of aids in her mouth. My my son, LA eggs are lake. Okay. You know, what being I've heard this? Now, I don't know if this is true, did, you know being alive will lead to death. Eventually. I have heard that everybody. I could not believe this every person live now is going to die. I can't. I just I mean, it's just shocking. There's nothing we can be and scientists haven't figured out what to do about it. And did you know this? Josh if you're falling, and you never actually hit or land. You would never die. Just correct. You would just keep fall. Well, you might eventually starve or dehydrate. I would think right. I wonder what that would eventually like I wonder if that would just like zero gravity on your organs. They would eventually just be like, we

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