Dwayne Haskins Throws with Giants Attending Pro Day

Big Blue View


Lot of pro days going on this week twos. Day. A large giants contingent including defensive coordinator James Becher was at Alabama on Wednesday. The Ohio State pro day where Dwayne Haskins was of course, the center of attention was attended by another large contingent of giants representatives head coach Pat Shurmur couple of the scouts several of the assistant coaches there to check out, you know, the the many prospects, you know, that that attend Ohio State, and we're working out today. We heard that the giants also had had dinner on Tuesday night with Dwayne Haskins. I'm not sure what to read into all of that. I look at it. Like the giants are simply doing due diligence getting to know as much as they possibly can about all of these guys entering the draft. So and also on Thursday as I said coming up, the Missouri pro day withdrew lock. I would intimidate once again, a large contingent of giants representatives to be in Missouri to watch lock workout. So, you know, it's it's an interesting time. You think maybe there isn't a whole lot going on. You know, the the main part of free agency is done the draft is a few weeks away. But there are still things going on still lots of intrigue, you know. And you never know what's going to happen. You never know what Dave Gettleman might do. But an awful lot. You know, continuing to go on at this point in time.

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