Fairfax accusers break silence in Gayle King interviews


About Justin Fairfax for Lieutenant governor of Virginia. Although all of the top three Democrats in the Commonwealth have weathered their respective political scandals the heat, we'll get turned up just a little bit more this morning on Justin. Fairfax as one of his accusers Vanessa Tyson takes to the airwaves on CBS this morning. That's right. The morning show. Gayle king doing an interview with Vanessa Tyson today tomorrow accuser, Meredith Watson, we'll have her say as she joins. Gayle king for yet. Another interview on CBS this morning, a sustained assault on Justin Fairfax in his credibility as he has tried to get past the scandal of sexual abuse allegations by both women, very interesting turn of events. Gayle king being the one to interview interview them in bring this back to life resurrecting, so far the media has. Done a yeoman's job of ignoring this and putting it on the back burner and covering it up and nothing to see here. Keep moving keep moving because that's what they do. They do that for the Democrats if it were Republican, he wouldn't even we wouldn't even be having this discussion because he would have been gone a long time ago would have been done. This is almost like a slow. This is slow burn here. And Gayle king turning the heat up. I am shocked at this shouldn't so surprised. Why why do you think she's doing this? I just think I don't know. I don't know what the answer to that is. I did see some conservatives who were happy to see that a mainstream outlet like CBS would be willing to give airtime to the accusations. When it seemed like they had survived it meaning that Justin Fairfax had gotten past it nominally. But here you have CBS and Gayle king trying to do their part. Let's see let's let's withhold judgment until we see how these interviews are actually conductive, but here's a little bit. That CBS has released of the Vanessa Tyson interview ahead of the head of the actual broadcast. Particularly for survivors. I think this is incredibly important they need to be heard. We need to be seen. Right. And we need to be treated as the human beings that we are Vanessa Tyson. She was the one who allege that Fairfax had assaulted her at the democratic national convention in Boston in two thousand four this the famous convention where President Obama I made himself gave himself a national profile in that big speech. She came forward in February and is in contact with Suffolk County district attorney invest Suffolk County district attorney in Boston to explore legal options. She wants to testify before the Virginia general assembly and she wants just in Fairfax to resign. I'm curious about this. Like, what does she know? What what is the thing that would satisfy her resignation from public office or that he never hold a job ever? May. What is the thing that she wants? I think some kind of acknowledgement that she actually existed. Is making these accusations because it's like the Keith Ellison story weighing we've carry Monahan, she was begging for someone to take her seriously, and nobody did and the media ignored her and she was ignored yet. Christine Blasi Ford was front and center with all of her accusations from how many years ago thirty some odd years ago being treated as if they were gospel. So I think that these women feel that wait a minute. You're telling me about hashtag me to that. All women are to be believed. But not me why not me. And I think that's what you're seeing. Here is these women want to believe too. If if it's all women will be believed. And that's what you've told us. The the realization that it's only some women who will be believed. I think is pretty startling and hurtful. If you're in the situation, and so that's what they want. They want. They want their voices heard. That's why. Well, Fairfax for his part says that their encounter was consensual when this all happened in two thousand four that wasn't forced oral sex as she

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