Ariel Dana, Dana White And UFC discussed on UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra


I don't want people to think that you know, Dana doesn't like areas. So he he he been comes to me. You know, I think that there is an absolute truth that I benefit from it. I can't I'm not gonna sit here and tell you lie to you and say that I don't, you know, but I think that Ariel Dana could I don't know if they can ever fix what's going on between them. I don't think that that's really my business. I don't really root for or against that. I mean, I know that I've I've covered the sports like I just told you since UFC ninety eight I live in Las Vegas. I've interviewed Dana a billion times before the UFC was ever on ESPN. And now there is a there is a partnership there between you Jan I could tell from Jane. But also just the organization as a whole, you know, they want to work with. ESPN, and they want they want to the conversations have changed, and they're more frequent and or that. But I really wouldn't say the my relationship has changed with Jane all that much from from you've been, you know, aerial joining the PIN I'd just I want to have a relationship with with with Dana white then with any source really that is completely independent of any other journalists out there, and and

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