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Got throttled with outside on the floor throttle by UNC Goodwin for the heels without XIV. But. None of that matter. Right. None of that is the story. Now, the story is the Zion could have suffered a significant knee injury that could have. And I'm going worse case greatly impacted his NBA future his draft status all of it. And by the way, if you love the NBA, and I love the NBA many of you loved the NBA how much would that stick? If we don't get to see Zion at the next level and soon, right? I mean, what can he that guy those skills that build what is he capable of? I can't wait to find out. So the question is this though are we going to see him again in a Duke uniform because there are people far and wide saying, dude. The injuries day-to-day. That's a sprain. He got lucky. They got lucky everybody got lucky this, right? Except for those who paid three or four grand to go. Watch the game. You didn't get lucky buyer's remorse. Hello how you doing? Good friday. But there are so many people advising him on what to do or what not to do. Once the knees ready to go. And there are not many voices in this sport. That I admire more and that I respect more than the first one we're going to play for you. And that is my friend and a guy that I trust him mentally in a huge fan of that's SPN's college basketball analyst, Jay Williams. His here is his take on what Zion ought to do. Dia Williamson can do whatever he wants. He is his own man. But I can tell you one thing for

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