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From the Mon broadcast center at KP. See see this is the frame, I'm John horn on today's show what the cancellation of Pearvel shows on Netflix might mean for the future of the TV business then from antiwar demonstrations to Arnold Schwarzenegger, riding horseback. Any Vits has photographed at all we walked through a new exhibit of her early work was not a good photojournaling. So I was going to have to tell more my story from my point of view and left journalism behind eventually turned to portraiture because it was a way of having real licensed to do what you wanted in a photograph and the country swing band asleep at the wheel is still rolling along fifty years after its founding all that coming up on the frame. With so many new players jumping into the streaming game including Disney, apple and Warner media. Twenty nineteen is likely to bring some big changes to the TV business. We called up Daniel Feinberg a TV critic for the Hollywood reporter to talk about what the future could look like to TV viewers. He's just finished covering two weeks of presentations from broadcast networks cable channels and streaming services at the television critics association meetings. We started with the news from earlier this week that net flicks. His canceling Jessica Jones and the punisher to marvel shows which not coincidentally are also Disney properties. There is no question that we are on the brink of some sort of key transition point. And regardless of what you choose to call it, whether you want to call it these streaming wars or the road to new cable, or whatever you wanted describe it as there are things that are changing that are going to dramatically reshape what the media landscape look. In five years in the same way that five years ago, it looked completely different. And I think that there's no question that the cancellation of the marvel shows on Netflix is a. Assign a gesture in a certain direction because these were very high profile shows for Netflix when they premiered and they were part of a big programming strategy. And now, suddenly all of the marvel properties are really part of aid Disney, plus or a Disney marvel streaming strategy, and so they don't fit with Netflix anymore. And I think that you're gonna see something with the tug of war over something like friends, I think that we are only at the beginning of what is going to be probably the biggest story in where television is going in the next year and a half probably. And that is basically that the people who create those shows used to see companies like Netflix as a source of ancillary revenue and now they see streaming services as direct competitors. So they're trying to pull their content back at their launching their own streaming services. Is that the bigger picture here? I think that is definitely the bigger picture. And all of the things that the Netflix and Hulu have kind of taken for granted as the foundation of their. Business model, you know, the for whatever we want to say about the apparently twelve billion dollars that Netflix last year poured into original programming acquired content is still a major portion of what people actually stream on Netflix. Whether it's whether it's friends, whether it's the office, whether it's all of the CW shows, and that's great for Netflix because it allows net flicks to have that kind of foundation, but it, but it's also a business that the people who actually own those programs want to be in. And so is Netflix original programming is it enough if suddenly the studio start taking away all of their prestige programs. Yeah. I don't know. Let's talk about a couple of new programs one that's on Netflix. It's called Russian doll and one on Hulu called Penn. Fifteen. These are shows that seem to be getting a lot of attention. Are they worth checking out? And how are they doing so far? I think they're absolutely were checking out, and I think we had absolutely no idea how either one of them is doing. Let's look says not put out a press release boasting that forty million people in some form or another have watched Russian doll. So I don't know all I know is that it's a really good show. It's a really smart show. It's a show that plays around with with format and with tone, and with style in very impressive ways. So Russian dolls. Definitely we're checking out, and I think Penn fifteen on Hulu is is a lot of fun to gimmick is the two co creators are basically playing junior high versions of themselves. Devil dis her last night at camp. How was even possible? I don't know what happened in the middle of her sleep. That's so unfair that happens to me surrounded by actual preteen and teen actors, and it's it's a really good show about the awkwardness of being a teenager. That's maybe aimed at older viewers who survived those years. I wanna talk about a couple of other shows that might be worth talking about FOX has a series called proven innocent pop has a series called flack and DC universe has a series called doom patrol or any of those shows are other things that you've seen jumping out in terms of midseason or early start shows that are coming out either. Now, or very soon one of the shows that if you've watched any BC in the past couple of weeks, and you're going to see as we move towards the Oscars this weekend that is getting a lot of buzz for ABC as whiskey cavalier whiskey cavalier. One of our best agents. I intelligence proven to be a huge asset to the bureau. You and your fiance recently parted ways. Yes, we did mutual most commercial, but I'm totally fine with it. We have the footage. How? It's a show that I would say succeeds at its goals, and that's something that I wouldn't necessarily say about say proven innocent, which is a very very run of the mill entirely forgettable legal procedural at the very least whiskey cavalier is pretty people Scott fully and learn Cohen or the stars are attractive and fun. And they're having a good time. It was shot in Europe. And it makes actual good use of European locations. It's got all of the depth of a very very shallow puddle. But on the other hand, it's fun. And it's the same with with DC universe is doomed patrol, which is kind of quirky kind of odd and of vast improvement over DC universe's, I live action show which was titans, which was all gloomy and glum and unpleasant. So there's something to be said for improvement one of the other things that happens at the as is that critics get sneak peeks, maybe it's some footage. Maybe it's a pilot of a show. That's not going to be on for a couple of months. Is there anything that you and your colleagues? Saw that might not be coming out immediately. But that you're really interested in seeing what more there is the series. Well, I definitely can't review. The one episode I've seen of FX Fosse Verdon, but I can tell you that that show which starts Sam Rockwell, and Michelle Williams is definitely going to be worth one that I'm looking forward to checking out. It's the story of Bob Fosse, Gwen Verdon. And so there's a lot of fifty sixty seventies cinematic, and Broadway and musical references and dancing and choreography. And I'm not gonna say anything more than I'm looking forward to seeing more episodes. Daniel Feinberg is a TV critic for the Hollywood reporter. He is also the president of the television critics association Daniel, thanks for your time and your insight. Thank you for having me. Coming up on the frame, any leave of its walks through an exhibit of her early work.

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