News in Brief 11 April 2019

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This is the news in brief from the United Nations clashes have reportedly further intensified in southern parts of the Libyan capital with fighting in the past twenty four hours the heaviest since hostilities began in and around Tripoli, according to humanitarian partners in the country families who've become stranded and conflict terriers, not only fear for their safety. But also starting to run out of supplies said UN spokespersons defenders your eek briefing reporters on Thursday. He said that emergency service providers are operating with great personal risk with three medical staff reportedly killed and four first responders reportedly injured the World Health Organization w eight show has deployed emergency medical teams to help hospitals coat with the casualties and support surgical staff in collaboration with the country's ministry of health. Here's defenders your week WHO plans to deploy digital emergency teams and supply to support first line responders in his activated contingency stocks, which were strategically pre-position before the fighting began the agencies also working with partners to support the medical need. Ads of the displaced and migrants, according to the humanitarian affairs coordination office ocher, multiple civilian shelters have been set up in various areas of Tripoli, but at least two already been evacuated due to intensifying fighting the UN continues to call for an immediate humanitarian truce to allow access for emergency services and the phone free passage of civilians away from conflict areas the UN humanitarian coordinator in Nigeria. It would Callan has called on the government of Nigeria to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to ten thousand women men and children who were forced to relocate to my degree the capital of Borno state from town forty kilometers away, the civilians were ordered to leave their homes in Jakarta town in the middle of Monday night by the Nigerian military without any prior warning. According to the military this billions have been relocated to the because e camp for internally displaced people for security reasons ahead of plant operations in the area. The entire town of Jakarta was emptied and people were forced to move to my degree with very little time to collect personal belongings. Mr callan. Some had arrived without even the shoes on feet. He added. He said the UN was urging the government to urgently provide safety shelter, food, water and medical care to the displaced civilians. In addition to information about when they will be allowed to return home. And finally an update on Syria amid reports of intensifying clashes and increased civilian casualties. The UN's newly-appointed humanitarian adviser for the country called for an immediate de-escalation of the ongoing violence on Thursday, nudge, Rushdie took office as the senior humanitarian adviser to the UN special envoy for Syria. Gear Pederson only last month in her first media briefing in Geneva. She said immediate action was required in order to facilitate access for humanitarian aid and offer protection to civilians the conflict in series now in its ninth year and massive humanitarian needs persists. She told journalists while noting that active conflict continues in some areas as does the risk of further escalation in it live with potentially catastrophic humanitarian consequences, MS Rosty stressed at the UN needs around twenty seven million dollars to. Stain the humanitarian response for the next several months. Matt wells United Nations.

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