Repot: Johnny Manziel Signs Contract with Alliance of American Football


Out there. But here's the other thing is we have another. Other fitting trainwreck that's popped their way onto the scene, and that would be Mr. Johnny Manziel, Johnny football who exiled himself to Canada for a little bit. And he was playing in the CFL. He actually forced his way out of the league. He got them to remove his contract and by doing so he's now signed with the alliance of American football that new backup league that spring league that you've seen games on CBS in NFL network. You might learn what the hell is Johnny Manziel has joined that league. And it's funny because when Manziel when that news broke, I saw it all over the place. Johnny Manziel is one of those names that has a lot of recognition you talk to a lot of people, and I would bet most people that aren't college football fans enough people that aren't college football fans would have some. Idea of who Johnny Manziel is isn't he a football player? I could see that. He's just been in the news a lot over the years for a guy who so young. And and here's the thing about it. Johnny Manziel has been in the news a lot. But it's not because he's a good player. Johnny manziel. Frankly. He sucks he's bad. And I didn't buy him as a prospect. He faded out of the league. And here's how quick it was. He got drafted at twenty fourteen. He got cut at the end of the twenty fifteen season. He lasted two years. That's it. It's horrible. You could really say he was in town for about a year and a half horrible. He goes to the CF L. He sucks there. He's not a good player. But Johnny Manziel is a guy that gets a lot of attention draws a lot of eyeballs people will watch the af for a couple of games watch his Memphis team play because they want to see Johnny Manziel. He's a big name he stumbled that people are attracted to. Why is that? That's what I have to ask. Why? Yeah. He was a Heisman winner. We don't care about a lot of Heisman winners. Where all the blogs about Kris Winky or Jason white where those guys I don't I don't hear much about him. Mark Ingram was a free agent. Former Heisman winner nobody really talked about that. Not a big angle eagles need former Heisman winner. Mark ingram. No, it's it's just not how it went. So nobody cares about Johnny Manziel the football player. Everybody cares about Johnny Manziel. The human train wreck the guy who's going in and out of rehab, the guy who's had all these different issues. Police calls all this different stuff. He's been a disaster. The guy's an absolute mess. The truth is people always drawn to train

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