Samsung's foldable phone is the Galaxy Fold, available April 26th


Plus resolution. This thing is a beast. Samsung is using five hundred and twelve gigabytes of universal flash storage three point zero for faster. Feeds this comes alongside a Qualcomm seven nanometer Octo core processor in twelve gigs of ram Samsung has even built two batteries for its galaxy fold that are separated by the fold but combined in the Android operating system to represent a total four thousand three hundred eighty mill amp hours of battery power Samsung has built a sturdy backbone to the device with a hinge system that has multiple interlocking gears all of these gears or hidden under the rear of the device. So you're never actually going to see them. It looks pretty sleek, and it allows the galaxy full transform from tablet to phone modes. Samsung says it's able to fold at least two hundred thousand times, which if you work it out is about five years, if you fold it a hundred times a day at the rear of the device is a triple camera system for some reason. It's going to be used for both tablet and phone modes. There's a sixteen megapixel ultra-wide camera alongside a twelve megapixel wide angle and telephoto camera at the rear and ten megapixel cover camera for self as in the front. Samsung is also creating four different colors for the galaxy fold. But it's the main tablet display, that's key. Here. Samsung is allowing the galaxy fold to run three apps at once on this Android device, and it's using an app continuity system to adjust those apps when you move between tablet and phone modes. This thing is awesome apps. Like, what's at Microsoft Office?

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