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Tonight high school hoops the basketball game of the week start bringing it the action for integrity radio. And we just wrapped up the first order get that the begin order number two from Dr gymnasium Euclid Panthers. The home team. Shane the Panthers. Get the ball down by five thirteen to eight trail Alexander from left wing. Guarded by over the Keyshawn driving a paint, put it up and couldn't hit it. If he tried to three foot floater with the left hand rebounded by the Vikings going the other way cop went over to Calhoun. Out on the deep rated a three pointer Hayden hub meat. I three of the night. That's five points in the night for Jaden need Tina eight doubling up four the Vikings over the Panthers patrol Alexander. Try and his three pointer from the right wing wrong. Rebound about a Viking. Over to cal- Hoon Calhoun guarded by Keyshawn key. Looking to pass the ball back over to meet her meet trying another three pointer. He went down nearly foul on that back to back three pointers by Mead. To begin the second quarter of play for the Vikings won the player of the game broadcast last night. The Viking one at home versus patois. Panthers. Turning the ball over going to be going Vikings directed the back gone. Jason put it up and. Put it in the long. Wow. The charity stripe who's going to be. Forty facts they're going to call that was too strong without a bad shooting. Khukri throws chased and prior for the Vikings. And he. He's got three on the night for VISA. Lookie near following those three pointers to begin the second quarter play along with three throws. Number twenty three days and the second one four points on the night for him Gaikwad quickly gonna call time out for his team is now facing twenty one to eight deficit at home. And after the first quarter of play only five point eight point. You're on the road and order number two. Widely taking five. The Vikings on a bit of a roll brothers team Wozniak. And I'm looking at this game is I'm sure coach Klaus neck is to is kind of a measuring stick for his team is team. Again, started out a little bit slow out of the gate. It was over their record. But now flipping the coin and stretch stretching victory for the cupola Panthers. They find themselves at twelve and five hundred season and they'd love to be able to get victory number thirteen before the VA Viking fan. But the Viking right now with a thirteen point advantage. Eight hundred points and quarter number two Panthers. With the ball late the up top. Over the number five party party. Nearly thrown it away to Reggie Phya entry pass the Keyshawn over the prior driving the paint finding key cutting from the left block grab by the Vikings though. And I think that's going to be a turnover with the officials Paul on that because I think the Vikings ended the feeling the ball, but they're gonna say that. Went out of bounds off of a Viking players. The Reggie prior the Panthers. Looking inbound the.

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