U.S. airlines prepare for 737 MAX tests, Southwest parks jets near desert


With Boeing seven thirty-seven max jets now grounded because two recent deadly crashes Southwest Airlines has decided to move its entire fleet of Boeing max jets to the airfield in victorville southwest says there is just limited space at the nation's airports four planes that are not flying and Ross Aamer a pilot with more than forty five years of experience flying. Big jets says it's also a matter of money if you keep these airplane around different airports don't have room for them. And it's very costly to let's say keep an airplane in LAX or any of the air. Abra has lots of experience flying Boeing jets. But he says this about the problems with the seven thirty seven Knox planes. They always made the greatest airplanes. I've I've flown every Boeing gear is and loved and respected the airplane, and I felt safe, but you know, sadly, Boeing they screwed up. They they became greedy. And they didn't do the normal job did. And and they're gonna pay for it southwest does point out that having the planes in one place, we'll make for a more efficient way to make the necessary repairs. When bowling does provide software enhancements meant to make the planes

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