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I actually did a double take when I saw the headline because I was like there must be a second meaning to this. But no, this means exactly what you think it does. When you read the headline Cam Newton informs world he has given up climaxing in March. So Cam Newton who wears weird hats, just for no reason was on James corden show the late late show last night. And he talked about how he's been giving things up month by month because he thinks it's going to test his mind make you stronger when the season comes around he'll be able to say to himself I have discipline. So know he challenged himself with reasonable things back in January eastern. I'm going to give up betting in February said, I'm going to go vegan. Now, I don't know if these things carry over to the next month or if he just for one month says I'm out on this. I gotta prove to myself, but climaxing is what he has given up for. March. He used some hand motions on the show to reveal that this is not just obstructing sexy time with the mother of his three children has long term girlfriend. But apparently any most self love as well. Yes, exactly. But he will love himself more by the end of this challenge because he'll be stronger. So thought Dottie will be. This was a Josh Hartnett movie. I listen, there's a lot of things that I've been forced to give up you know, because of diet and lifestyle changes aged. Yeah. Like I've been forced to give rest because I work every single day of the week. I have a buddy like this who give up sugar for a month or give up alcohol for a month. And then be right back at it. Everything in moderation camp. That's all I'll say brother, if you wanna, you know, happy life. Happy wife, if if the wife is cool you walking around all tilt all the time. About Gilady too. Right. No one's no one seems to be worried about her like if a woman said, I'm giving up climaxing for someone would be like the men were like, wow, what a brave soul.

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