2019 NBA Standings: Warriors, Bucks Lead West, East at All-Star Break



Are we really coming up to the all star game already. Really? Yeah. That's coming up this weekend in Charlotte. They've got most of the teams played last night. That'll be their last game before the break. There's a couple of more games tonight. Good ones, though, blazers lit up the warriors won twenty nine one seven thanks to a fourth quarter rampage. That's all Portland outscore the champs thirty five to twelve Damian Lillard scored twenty nine he and seven other blazers reached double figures compared to just two for the dub, Steph curry and Kevin Durant. Each had thirty two wasn't quite enough Portland. Also added veteran Senator NS cater their roster. He was waived last week by the Knicks Kanter also been quartered by the Lakers. He actually signed an offer sheet with Portland four years ago, but never played for them because the thunder matched it and then bond up trading him to New York as part of the Carmelo Anthony deal back in two thousand seventeen. Okay. Mr history. That's it for that. He's averaged fourteen points and ten and a half rebounds for the Knicks this year that rebound total is tenth in the league. So you'd see why the Knicks would want to get rid of him because you know, otherwise, they wouldn't be able to run off a long losing streak. Like they have more about them in a second nuggets nip the kings one twenty to one eighteen Nikola Yokich tipped in the winter in the final second of that game. Paul Millsap had twenty five points and Isaiah Thomas made his season debut for the nuggets play thirteen minutes. Head. A couple of three pointers and wound up with eight points. It'll help them a lot down the down the stretch toward the playoffs. Deborah will stop the rockets. One twenty one to one eleven despite forty two from the beer James harden, running his thirty point game thirty point winning streak scoring streak rather to thirty one games. Now that ties him with Wilt Chamberlain for second. Longest all time Chamberlain also has the longest one at sixty five games in a row bucks past the Pacers one zero six ninety seven Milwaukee we'll go into the break with the best record in the league right behind them. The rap doors they with the wizards won twenty nine to one twenty Celtics left the pistons one eighteen to one ten in that one Brooklyn over Cleveland, one forty eight one thirty nine that one went triple overtime. If you believe that that was a while the seventy Sixers beat the Knicks one twenty six to one eleven that's eighteen straight losses for New York. Joel twenty six points, fourteen rebounds and one twenty five thousand dollar fine from the league for criticizing the referees. Like, he's the only one who does that bulls rushed the grizzlies one twenty to one ten heat too much of the Mavericks won. Twelve to one to one in this clipper sail past the sons one thirty four to one zero seven the clippers now move into eighth place in the west the top eight teams make the playoffs. This year all star game Sunday in Charlotte. It'll be the LeBron James's against the Janas Edoardo Combo's providence column by the first names.

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