SpaceX rocket successfully launched a test flight


The test flight, if America's latest astronaut caps, you will see it attempts to dock with the international space station in a few hours, the dragon vehicle which blasted off from Florida on Saturday is carrying a test dummy, but could begin transporting US astronauts by the end of the year more now from Jonathan Amos. After it's picture. Perfect launch from Florida atop a falcon rocket. The dragon capsule has been steadily raising its altitude. It's going to approach the station from the front using computers and sensors to guide itself in the astronauts aboard the orbiting lab will be watching to make sure the dragon behaves itself and be ready to intervene. If it doesn't the cap show will stay docked until Friday when it'll detach and dropped to earth. That's the mission. Face. Spacex founder, Elon Musk says worries him the most the fiery high-speed descent through the atmosphere to an Atlantic splashdown

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