Should the Raiders focus on a defensive rebuild?


The raiders have three first round picks. I mean to me, I know gruden's offensive guy, but don't they have to use most of those two out of the three at least on defense. Well, their offense of weapons are anemic. But their defense is terrible. But they do have a franchise quarterback. At least that's what they've been saying. If you're going to stick with their car in you're already paying them. I definitely think you have to use the fourth pick on a defensive player, and this is may said the other day and all his years of doing this. This is one of the deeper defensive drafts. And we all know if you watch college football players everywhere. But there are the twenties is going to be a sweet spot for offense players. Some of these tight ends a lot of these wide receivers. The raiders Mark Cooper. Steven Jones says wouldn't are for round pick comes up. We'll just watch Maury highlights. So they traded Amari Cooper who they drafted fourth overall several years later for pick twenty seven they need a wide receiver. They need a tight end. Derek has no weapons and at the end of the day. The thing I always hear is earn Gruden loves offense. You know? I mean, he talks a big game about the coaching staff and offense is his baby. In last year. It was an embarrassment that their defense is always bad for the raiders. But offensively went when they were humming, especially groom they were putting up points. And I think they reset the franchise last year. You gotta use those two picks to me in the twenty. If the guys are there on the ole miss wide receiver one of the Iowa tight ends. You have to get some weapons

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