Harper's 4 unforgettable Mets and Yankees Spring Training stories

First and Last


Twenty million. Kate can't afford that. They go to Tim tebow. They tried to get him. Tim Tibo on the alliance calling him to join them. They've called a lot. For your keeps calling and I love coach for your and and they're great. But. It was you know, it was easy. Even though it's, you know, it was a also offer integrate and it's humbling, and it's it's still, you know, I'm all in baseball. And just no way. Could I could I stop and not give this? You know, the chance after everything I've worked for and so while I'm grateful for the opportunity, and you know, talking with Charlie Ebersol, put delete together. I think very smart great guy. Steve sprayer, who's a great coach. This is what I'm in now. And I'm all, and yeah, Tim tebow is is not going to the lines because Tim tebow, and I feel good saying this because I've gotten to know him very well over the last few years of working with him in on the SEC network. He is committed to basement let me tell you about him Tibo. We

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