Is Kyler Murray the best running QB the NFL has ever seen?


Said this earlier arguments say it again, and I know a lot of people are going to disagree as they runner. Cuyler Murray is the best running quarterback. That's. Ever come into the National Football League. Even Michael Vick. You can go back and watch which I've done you can also look at the stat sheet. Kyla Murray in his last season or his last two years at Oklahoma average, two more yards a carry than Michael victims and his career at Virginia Tech. He's just a little bit more dynamic because of his short area. Quickness. The last thing I would say is he's one of the best passers to go along with that athletes as runner that we've ever seen. His accuracy is off the charts not quite Baker Mayfield. But it's off the charts. If I'm in the top five, I'm taking Cuyler Murray dudes of football playing Jesse. And you gotta understand that those who are are thrown off by his size. I remember war dome when he came into league and that was listed at five nine one eighty and every defenders listener chops off can't wait to get on them. Play twelve years league, three pro bows? And I never got a square shot on them. And I never seen. Anybody? Get one. Is this like you sit. Yes throws. That's short area space when you get into. That phone move with that guy. And you think you have all the vantage because of your size that quickness he's gonna take four steps before you take your next one, and he's going to be out of there. And I think that's going to play think the real interesting thing for me is always think about the fault mechanisms of the quarterback Cam and the default mechanism if your default mechanism is from the neck up, you'll survive even being smaller, even being athlete gifted even being able to move around. If you're the fault mechanism is from the neck down. You're in trouble. Meaning I'm just gonna take off and run around here and throw my body throw caution. My my body to into harm and all those things they're caution to the wind like if that's your fault mechanism. And so then it comes down to who's actually a gifted quarterback because the gifted quarterbacks when things break down Bill extend the pocket, they'll move around. They'll even escape the pocket, but they're gonna make their decision from here up. Joe and Kenny do that. And I think he can. Yeah.

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