Washington's Inslee puts climate change at center of presidential bid


It's been said that nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come and for my next guest. Washington state governor Jay Inslee that idea is climate change. And that idea is time has come he staked his run for the White House in twenty twenty on what he calls America's climate mission. And his campaign platform says that quote, defeating climate change is the defining challenge of our time. And that it must be the foremost priority for the next president. That's a bold statement considering that climate change was practically a non issue in the last presidential election. There were no specific questions about climate policy in the debates, and according to the environmental new site, grist only, five minutes and twenty seven seconds were spent talking about climate change across all three presidential debates. That's two percent of the total talking time. So has the tide turned. Is the American public ready for a candidate who embraces this issue? That's what we're going to be talking about on our question to you listeners. How important is climate change compared to other national issues when it comes to winning your vote in the next presidential election on eight four four seven two four eight two five five eight four four scientific you can tweet us at scifi governor Jay Inslee as governor of Washington state. He's jumped into the pool of democratic presidential candidates for twenty twenty welcome to sign Friday governor, you bet it's the best day of the week. Thank you. Happy Friday because of you. Complimentary. Get you everywhere you've been called a single issue candidate. Would you disagree with that name? Yes. Because climate change is not a single issue. It's all issues. It's a matter of saving our economic assets where we had one point six billion dollars in lost because of leading west on the downside. The upside it's the number one job creator in United States in the next several decades clean energy jobs today are going twice as fast as the rest of the economy. The number one job fastest growing jealous. Today's solar installer. Never to wind turbine technician. So it is as much an economic promise as it is an environmental peril. It's a health issue. Look, it's with the thousands of our kids are suffering from from fossil fuel pollution, increasing the range of infectious diseases because of insect vectors loss of life during during hurricanes and heat waves. It's a national security issue. We know that the Trump is trying. To ignore the clear warnings from the Pentagon, and our intelligence services that this is a national security threat because we know that increasing droughts have potential to drive mass migrations with consequent political instability in violence. So it's not just a single issue is all of the issues, and is one that we have no more opportunities. This is our last chance. And when I've learned when he was governor as I've been for six years in the most successful economy in the United States you need to make priority decisions. It's one of the first functions leadership, and what I am saying is defeating climate change has to be the first foremost and term on duty of the next semester. Ration- because it is our last chance if you look at the clearest science fi report, it is becoming quite obvious that we've gotta move right now. Someone so much of the impacts of climate change that you were taking off there also seem to be included in the the green new deal that is working its way debating through congress, would you if you were still serving in congress, would you have your name among its co-sponsors? I think this has been a welcome development. I wrote a book accosted a book in two thousand seven that basically set out a vision for economic growth round clean energy. So I really welcome a wet. This is done to light up interest in this as as you indicated it's really important to get climate change on people's radar stope, and this has been very successful getting into the national conversation. It's also been very successful raising the scope of people's ambition. This cannot be just a check the box kind of issue. It has to be dominant organizing principle, the United States and insert. It's it's engaged. More communities in this discussion marginalize means frontline community just color in poverty that was the first victims of climate change. And so it's made clear something I believe that. As we go through this transition to decarbonised economy and a clean energy economy. We have to make this not. Just the transition. It has to be just transitioned so everyone can participate. So now, we start the heavy work at hard work of developing the policies that hopefully will follow what we've done in Washington right now, we're of beating the efforts in Washington state. And I hope we keep that that ball rolling. So how do you answer people who say addressing climate change is is too expensive? Or they want to take your hamburgers away from you. Well, I just say baloney. You know, I was having a discussion with big McCain of you a couple of weeks ago, and she was seeing exactly that. But, you know, Democrats take away your planes and your your railroads in your car. And I said, well, that's interesting Megan because as of this moment, I had a shiny blue General Motors all electric bowl. It was made by the American workers and Oreo on Michigan. And that's the type of destiny that we have. Usually, we'll have a president to unite the edgy nations in the innate can-do optimistic spirit of the American people to grow our economy around clean energy. We know we are capable of doing this. Because we've done we've done it so many times before whenever there has been a technological transformation. United States has been able to lead if we have leadership to get us going in. If I'm giving us Highlander I would intend to provide that that spark of leadership just to like John F Kennedy did when. When I was, you know, ten or eleven years of anything, and I believe with the spark of creativity ambition America can do that kind of thing again. But do you think that you know, I remember the Kennedy years? I remember the challenge they go to the moon. I remember Lyndon Johnson taking it over. I remember landing on the moon during the Nixon administration. This was a generational and decade long effort. Do we have that kind of political muscle now to see something through that we could change a whole society? Yes. Not only do we. But we have to have that. You know, what I think victory is the only option here Churchill in World War Two. So sure victory. You said it's really simple. It's only option because without victory. There's no survival. And that is the situation that we have to realize today if we follow science, and we we are scientifically literate nation. We deserve a scientifically literate president. And we have a scientifically illiterate person in that office right now who couple of days ago said that wind turbines cause cancer for goodness sakes. And that if we wind turbines, you won't be able to run your television here, we are going to Konami in my state. We've developed the best economy in the United States in part because we focused on clean energy. We have focused on science in. When you do those two things. Good things happen. Not only to your health. To prevent your force from burning down. And by the way, this is very personal to me 'cause I've met the victims of climate change. I was in paradise California a few months ago, and you know, this town of twenty five thousand people that was burned to the ground looks like a post apocalypse movie in Hollywood, I remember meeting a woman named Marsha. Moss in in seminal springs community about one hundred mobile homes burned. She lost everything. She wanted us to to do something about climate change to produce these forest. Fires. And I think we need a president that will do just that. So yes, I do believe we we the company's ready. And I and I believe that park is pulling in shooting Iowa one of our democratic voters. So I'm happy to the just in time at the right moment. He yet carbon pricing ballot initiative failed in your own state in the last election for the second time another pricing initiative failed in two thousand sixteen. What do these failures mean to you are, you know, are people still not getting it? I think what they show is that we have to be willing to use the most powerful Newell fuel in the country, and that's perseverance, and we have to use perseverance, and we have to use a multiple tools in the toolbox carbon pricing system is one of them with. Fortunately, there are dozens of others. And so we are we are now addressing I'm promoting five bills in my legislature, all of which are moving forward one of which would would guarantee Washingtonians of one hundred percent, clean electrical grid, another that would provide us with clean fuel standards. So we have cleaner transportation fuels and other that would require net of euro commercial building. So we don't waste energy another that will have an incentive program. So more people not just you know, wealthier people, but more people have access to the cars and the like, so we know there's a. Multiple ways to go forward on this. And we're doing this in my state, and I think we have to have the same attitude inner nation, we can do that. If we have a president who's both knowledge of what these things and has had a multi decay. Oh commitment as I've had I've been at this year over twenty years now into some of the first legislation in two thousand three I started the US climate alliance with governor Jerry Brown, we know twenty three states or moving forward. I think this is a good sign, by the way for those. Who question our ability to move forward? This organization that I helped start now twenty three states that are committed to defeating climate change. So and we did this in part because we wanted to world to know they're still intelligent life in the United States. And we've demonstrated that it's one of the reasons that the rest of the world is continuing to move forward. So there is reason for optimism because we know there's there's many ways to to build the clean energy. And we're doing that right here in my state. Let's go to the phones. Eight four four seven two four two five five. Let's go to Ames Iowa. Joe? I welcome to science Friday. Hi, thank you. You know, I think it's really points out of a real flaw. We have in our election system every four years. I see all of these politicians come to Iowa, and they speak at these forums put on by our agriculture powerhouses, all of them speak in favour of everything. That has to do with, you know, animal agriculture ethanol all of these things that really cause global warming and all of them are scared to death to speak out against anything to do with animal agriculture because they know that the farm bureau is other powerful egg this will sink in that even goes, I mean, it's it's completely true for the Republican party.

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