Rwandan convicted of lying while seeking U.S. asylum after genocide


This courthouse is a long way from Rwanda. But for the past few weeks, the atrocities of nineteen ninety four where relived in wood-paneled courtroom on the third floor. Prosecutors said John Leonardo ganja a Hutu took part in the rapes killings and beatings of tutsies at a hospital in the southern Rwandan town of Bhutto fell Clark and Africa specialist at the university of London sister Gunja fled Rwanda, not long after the genocide ended. He use a significant. In fact, he's one of the handful of genocide suspects have been identified in North America defense lawyers painted to gun yet as a hardworking medical student who tried to protect to seize from tax by Hutu militias earlier this week to gun you took the. Stand that now forty seven year old balding wearing glasses answered hours of questions about his background in what he did. During the genocide he denied any involvement to gun is uncool Greg Meyer said it pained him to see his nephew going through the trial. I came of being so song, I'm crying. And and he's he's standing song to gun. You was arrested in twenty fourteen by US border officials in Maine after he fled Canada where he had lived for a decade before being denied Silom there to ganja was not on trial in Boston for genocide. Instead he was charged with lying on his asylum application by saying he did not participate in the genocide Lewis much, the central Africa director for human rights. Watch said an immigration related case is easier to prosecute than genocide genocide is notoriously ferry very difficult to prove as our war crimes crimes against humanity. Because you have to prove the intent both prosecution and defense brought him witnesses from Wanda to testify to gun used trial but much says twenty five years after the fact there's a chance that memories of the horror and chaos of the genocide can. Get a bit fuzzy you're dealing with massive trauma on the part of victims and survivors, so it's not unusual to get testimony which might contradict something. This individual has set a few years earlier that does not mean that these people are lying one year after the genocide and international tribunal was set up to try people suspected of planning and carrying out the atrocities more than one hundred people were indicted, sixty were sentenced before the tribunal was disbanded in twenty

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