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Those of you who are golf fans, perhaps know Matt Kuchar is that how you pronounce his name K UCA JR. He won a tournament is past week and got a million to in prize money. His caddy. That was known among the group has L to con- five thousand dollars for his work and his real name is David Ortiz. I believe regular caddie club caddie worked the bag during the tournament. Not happy and protested made a lot of noise about the fact that got me a million to and I only got five thousand dollars. So with all the noise that he made went to Mr. Kuchar's agent, Mark Steinberg? And and said, I'm a humble man takes care of my family work hard. I'm reaching out to you to see if you could facilitate me getting more money because I helped Matt win is million to so in essence. He was offered another fifteen thousand he wanted fifty and he was placed on hold. He said. When he was offered the fifteen. No, thank you. They can keep their money. Don't know. I guess I'm trying to read the story to because I don't watch a lot of golf. So I don't know how that typically works the caddy golfer relationships, I guess, the the practice the people usually follow his ten percent of a player's earnings. So so you get one hundred twenty thousand one hundred thirty and so he claims that he was paid three thousand the golfer said he paid him five, but either way. Yeah. I mean, I guess it's not a requirement that they get paid that much. But if everyone else around you is getting paid ten percent of what the golfer, and then you get handed three thousand dollars. Yeah. I might be a little peeved about that too. Crutcher said, I don't lose sleep over this. Yeah. Well, he's got a million or something in the Bank. Now, what does he here?

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