Investigators solve 1970s cold cases with emerging DNA technique


The families of two murdered south Lake Tahoe girls can rest easy now that a decades old cold case is being put to rest developments in DNA technology is helping law enforcement solve more cold cases, including the nineteen seventy seven murder of Twenty-seven-year-old Brin, Ellen rainy and the nineteen Seventy-nine killing of Carolina. Anderson El Dorado county district attorney Vern Pearson says they initially didn't have a match the person who did it had never been arrested for a felony. Or for any reason where their DNA would have been uploaded within the code is law enforcement database developments in genetic genealogy allowed them to put together a family tree leading them to Joseph Holt Pearson says DNA testing will close other cases and help families find closure. We're very pump. And it that in the next several months. There will be addition. Cases. Better solved here in El Dorado county whole died in two thousand fourteen but the case is ongoing. Anyone with information can call the cold-case taskforce

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