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But if you actually think about the full social context of everything that is far harder to reproduce. Then is these thinner aspects that we've relied upon well, I don't know if I totally agree with that. Because honestly, when you were describing this thing's reminded me of security questions that you get when you're trying to log on your Bank account. And it's like, you know, who is your teacher in first grade are what's your mom's middle name or whatever. And so I feel like those are things that other people can find out, and that's why they always say you should lie when. You answer this questions that way. A hacker. Can't you know, gain access to your Bank account or whatever? So how would you use that like using that vary? How would you apply that in a blockchain based identity system? So I think the the the problem, and the reason why those can be problematic is that there's a very small number of those things that we usually ask about, but the reality is like you are billions of bits not five bits like your mother's day of birth. Is so overused. Right. Your social security numbers so overused. Right. Like these are like. Ridiculously

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