Why is 'The Legend of Zelda' game music so magical?


The Zelda music is incredibly magical. Well, this is what Jesse brought up with Zelda breath while he's like his music and go back and look at Zelda Accoring time. It's all music only music's around music's free to be upset to be there's no real music Zelda breath awhile. It's like 'cause there isn't and it's upsetting those huge integral important part of the game of the series for me for the original Zelda. And this is the thing. I think people forget about the original Zelda starts with the theme. People think Zelda over theme, they think it's art said up. Okay. What a lot of people. Forget about that zone. The theme is that it starts that they slightly different variation. When you let that title screen role where they tell the story of Zelda and show you all the items you can accumulate. It's a little bit more complex. It's got a few more levels to it. And that Newsweek to this day still gives me chills. Whenever I hear it. That's awesome. It is so cool. That's really what's great. And then you get onto your favorite game of or what you consider the best game of time. And that game is literally about the Korean is a musical engineer literally walk around with an instrument, and you have to learn how to play songs. Yeah. You you have to learn how to play songs in a game this fantastic. Which by the way, chronicles of teddy is an Indian that. Also, does that any more recent give chronicles check it out on steam? Playstation. But if you had to pick as song from offering of time, what would it be? Probably the forest. Forest forest. Do. That's all I think about when I think about Zelda, and I just think about I just think about all my siblings, remember playing it when I was younger and us all attaching everyone in my family like beat Zelda together. Yeah. My school beat Zelda, and we'd all like sing those songs together and such. Did you are you familiar with oak arena of rhyme? It is. Somebody made a mash abou- of oak green of time use it with a bunch of famous songs. It's like a Jay z rapping over one of the oak arena. Time is a good. Yeah. I mean, they're they're like this is fucking great. That force theme is one of them as prequel, by the way that main whistle theme. You're singing to before. Yeah. That theme and we talked about this a little bit. I think in pass up Assode that whistle is the same whistle from the Mario universe. Oh, yeah. Right. We've talked about your like Keith this. And I was like yes Zelda. I'm like, nah, it's from super. Mario was going. They just reused it. So through whistles, also, I think I've told you this book, there's a part in Zelda when he goes Elvis castles at child as link if you look in the windows of the castle, and you can see bows earlier, Princess, peach and Mario in paintings. That's so it's so God damn good. What they're doing intendo. You're so great

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