Man who stole $300 from Kmart recently bought $8 million island


Key West Florida police say a guy there he bought an eight million dollar island off of key west. And now he's also accused in a scheme to steal three hundred dollars in household items. From KMart guy has money just wanted to steal from K mart. Andrew Francis Lippi was arrested on Saturday on a felony charge of grand theft. He was released from jail on Sunday. Miami Herald is reporting that he bought Thompson island which had been the home to the family of Edward B night philanthropist. He also owns the real world house in key west. We're MTV shot the seventeenth season. He bought items including a curate coffeemaker between March thirtieth and April fifth. He returned the original boxes with other items packed inside. So we take security and then returns the box and things KMart's not gonna look inside the box. Levy said the theft allegation is complicated. And I'd rather not talk about it. You're just doing that. For the thrill of your life is not complete just being super Uber wealthy. I guess not you buying island for eight million dollars. And then you steal three hundred dollars. That's crazy

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