Axios Sports - April 8, 2019


Doing. Yeah. Have you read our greedy, spare play pool? No way Notre Dame. If they were in the big ten would ever make they lose like three games a season. I disagree. You look at the strike the schedule right of there at the top every year 'cause we play USC Stanford. Like we play teams from every. Yeah. You need to get rid of get rid of Maryland and Rutgers give me Notre Dame in Iowa you guys play like navy every year, maybe only service academy and max not anymore. There's no it's not it's not. Trip. They almost. Thousand Ohio State, so. Take aim. As a game that you're supposed to blow them out because they run the triple. Eight possessions on offense. No goes on. Through his. He wants to play navy. Do we talk about basketball? Forgive football. Do they win the file four? I'm going for junior. I don't I don't know either one of their names, but those two guard guy guy, and then other one Andrea hunter, not no. Guy. Yeah. They had another guard that had some huge buckets at the end of that Purdue game. Did you say you're playing some sort of basketball game? Yeah. The front Santa Sunday Sunday. Charles Barkley, Shaquille O'Neal, they both invite that's Infinity. Cimpian vite, I told him. Yes. I did. We'd go to the game. Can I get some run in

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