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High-Risk Pregnancy: What You Need To Know


Today. We're gonna be talking about high risk pregnancies had postnatal care a very very important subject, especially if you're contemplating pregnancy or if you're pregnant, and we're very fortunate of to experts with us this evening on medical frontiers. They're both connected with the Allegheny health network, both at the west Penn hospital, a wonderful, physical facility for pregnancy and high risk pregnancy and prenatal care, and and also taking care of babies that are born prematurely or with other problems. It's a wonderful wonderful unit. And I I believe there's what sixty bits. They're down in the NICU, isn't right. The new facility. Clearly such quite a few. It's big unit, but Edward very very fortunate to have too paranoid technologist with us per se, but like to introduce Dr Marta, coal top and Dr called hav. Is. Ask her, you know, she's originally from upstate New York. But she finally landed in Pittsburgh. She said the weather here is a little better than it is upstate New York. But tell us a little bit about your background did welcome to medical frontiers. Thank you for having me. Just like you said I'm from upstate New York originally, but if lived here in Pittsburgh longer than anywhere else. So I consider myself a burger at this point. That's great. Tell us a little bit about the training of a tala tallest. And what does that term mean Perry Tyler Perry sort of beans around? Yeah. Around the care of pregnant women in their babies during pregnancy during the time of delivery, and even post-partum. Okay. And so you trained as an OB gunny person originally, right? Then you needed to have some extra training. How long did you? You went to medical school for four years after four years of college said how long in OB gyns so four years of OB guy need and then two years of fellowship. So six years after school, and then you have a special interest in maternal genetics. Right. That's correct. Tell us a little bit about that. So my interest is in reproductive genetics. And so helping families who have a known genetic disorder in the family perhaps have a prior child with diagnosed with a genetic disorder or are pregnant and just want general screening for genetic disease. Fees or taking care of those women whose pregnancies are complicated by fetal genetic issues. Okay. How about autism? Does not have a genetic component. Mel autism is a is a diagnosis that encompasses a lot of different things. So it's a very very broad term. There are some genetic conditions that are associated with autism. And some of those genetic disorders we can detect prenatally I just read not too long ago where there was a family that had five children. There were all autistic that probably has something to do with genetics. You have to have that much then much penetrates. Right. That's true. Okay. Well, it's great having you here. Great meeting you and your partner here. Dr Gordon night he has been in practice at west Penn for about a year now, but tell us a little bit about your background Dr night. Welcome to medical front. Thank you for having me as well. It's been I just moved here as you mentioned before just as Marta did. I did my OBGYN residency in four years. I did that in Columbus Ohio and did my fellowship in Indianapolis, Indiana. So I'm a Hoosier at heart in that sense and move to Pittsburgh for family reasons. And I really enjoyed the practice the diversity of our group where a large group, but it's we each have our own interests and we function well together. So in your basic day of Pennsylvania guy, you grew up in Yeary, right? Absolutely. I grew up in north west Pennsylvania part of the the snow belt. So it's nice to be back at areas wonderful city beside the league. It's not like Cleveland is mistake by the lake, you know, so. Worn on call anymore duck. I thought you retired never stops ringing important person. Okay. So what about say? A woman is hypertensive and she's a type two diabetic pregnant with her first child at the age of thirty five high-risk absolutely high risk, and it's really important to have those things under control coming into pregnancy. So ideally, we like to capture these patients conception of possible. Yeah. Regardless. It's our duty to when they do become pregnant to discuss risks both to to mom and baby. The specific ones that you mentioned high blood pressure and diabetes. Both put is at risk for pregnancy specific complications such as pre clamps. Yeah. And other pregnancy specific complications such as growth restriction. How about a thirty five year old woman with diabetes and hypertension? Are they at risk for even Getty pregnant is more difficult for that woman to get pregnant with those co morbidity there's dependent on the degree of their their diabetic Kerry. Yes, age all obviously, also as a risk for for patients to have more of an infertility background as is the metabolic syndrome. So those are things that from a counseling perspective are important to have under optimal control before you. Okay. Okay. Dr Colt off of. A maternal genital geneticist. I imagined that you sometimes come up with some problems that could be categorized as a medical legal ethic problems. No. You say you find genetically there is some defect that has a high chance of being passed on to the next generation their child. How how do you handle that do you work with medical ethicists? And so on or how do you handle that? So if we we need to we have a complex ethical issue. We can bring in the episode that the hospital it when when we are faced with medical ethics issues, especially when it comes to prenatal genetic disease or preconception genetic disease. The first and foremost is to be up front with the family, and let them let them know that this is what the genetic testing may show and make sure that there's informed consent regarding those issues and if they even want to go down that

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High-Risk Pregnancy: What You Need To Know

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