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Amazon opts out of building New York City headquarters


This whole story of Amazon not coming to New York City. Is this going to end up blamed on Alexandria, Cossio Cortez? Well, her and and every other far left democrat Laker. Yes. And so Amazon announced today that it is backing out of plans to open up the new headquarters the HQ to New York City. They blamed local politicians who had opposed our presence and will not work with us. That's what they said in the announcement today. So they'd set back in December. They were going to be building their twenty five thousand employees. We're going to be there. Some of them would be brought in from other places. Of course, it's not twenty five thousand people in that one neighborhood. Suddenly now have jobs, but still twenty five thousand employees. That's that ain't bad thing about all the cities that were rolling out the red carpet plea, Amazon and Amazon was getting a lot in return. Even to the point where I don't think you have to be an Alexandria, Cossio Cortez type person politically to say, boy, you're giving up a lot to Amazon to build there. It was three billion dollars in state and city incentives. So I get some of the pushback to that. And I agree with some of the push back to that. That's a lot of money to give away for twenty five thousand jobs. Oh, yeah. I mean, you're talking about the mayor. Yeah. Please. This guy can't associate his way out of a paper bag. So they have now pulled out. This will not affect what they were there. The hubs that they were building in northern Virginia to Nashville, but they are going to focus on growth in those places now because those places have welcomed them with open arms. So they blame local politicians including Cynthia Nixon the chick from sex and the city who ran for office last year. Red for governor. I guess the democratic primary. She said this is good. She wrote a man the fight against Amazon laid bare their union busting corporate welfare ice of betting practices. Ed shows why we need to break up monopolies like Amazon. So they have something in common with Trump. They don't like Amazon. That's right. Exactly. Yeah. Who does like Amazon Beverly uses Amazon. I know it's it's the Facebook thing. Right. It's gotten so big. How can you not use it people hate it? But it's like, oh, it's convenient now. Now Amazon said there was a seventy percent approval in New York City of for this project. And it just depends on what polls you look at. But on average it looks like about it was more than half fifty six percent of New Yorkers wanted. This to be here wanted this to be there. I mean, the Richard picks influence people one way or another. That was earlier this week. They said, yes, a majority of New Yorkers like this business. You're getting there. That's twenty five thousand jobs. It's a good thing. But the Alexandro Cossio Cortez's of the world chase them away. And they said fine. We'll take our

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Amazon opts out of building New York City headquarters

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