Facebook to Notify Users Affected by Cambridge Analytica Breach


For chomping center from the city that changes the world this is san francisco oakland san jose the next generation of k g o eighteen a cumulus station now on the amazon alexa open a cagey oh eight tenths skill life coach tony robbins has apologized for comments he made about the metoo movement in san jose during exchange with a woman at a seminar at sap center robbins had suggested that some women use the movement to gain significance by playing the victim the exchange was posted online in a lengthy statement on facebook robbins said his comments failed to reflect the respect he has for the movement speaking of facebook ahead of mark zuckerberg sworn testimony on capitol hill this week the company is rolling out a feature for users who may have had their data unknowingly manipulated as we hear from jason middleton as of today your facebook feed is going to look a little bit different and rather than just a design change or color tweak this one is actually helpful this stems from the cambridge analytical data manipulation that affected up.

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