Ohio: Naked man on crystal meth bites 28 people in a Walmart Store


By dozy baking company celebrating over one hundred years speaking excellence since one thousand nine hundred sixteen now let's start off strong couple busted having public sex at baseball field baseball field this must be florida for spring training right now this is actually houston texas houston jose manuel rodriguez and gration status morfey more no question mark mark upside down on the fraud than the regular question mark at the end of the senate's and yeah pizza rivera where allegedly where allegedly caught getting frisky by police monday night at a baseball park but it's it's misleading because you think they're like having sex by first base they're not they were they were in their car in a parking lot of the baseball place baseball place the baseball field when officers turn on the patrol car spotlight reportedly saw the pair engaged in a sex act by the way officer marxists can i fill in for fifteen minutes sometime in disgust mall security only around the holiday season officer mark naked man on crystal meth bites twenty eight people in a walmart store rough week for walmart between the victim needs control at the simeone at the me own or the simeon however you pronounce it the tr training academy literature university and this guy it's been a really tough one for walmart twenty nine year old michael kruger entered the store naked and visibly intoxicated around nine thirty am nine thirty am an employee who witnessed the attack as the aggressor looked like he was possessed are infected with rabies and he began to bite everyone she said he was running around naked like a maniac he was drooling lot and biting people he looked like a rabid animal he kept barking like a dog and yelling stuff about the vatican being out to he assaulted a dozen others before he was eventually arrested he does look like he has this where was this was in cleveland ohio next man broke into minnesota home cooked himself some chicken nuggets and then was arrested so this guy's name is dylan bradley madden he's twenty one years if you're broke that mcdonalds would you cook yourself chicken mcnugget no i would go right for.

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