Trump to meet with video-game industry in wake of Florida shooting



Way and ad council president trump meets at the white house today with representatives of the gaming industry talking violence the meeting with members of the entertainment software association comes three weeks after the mass shooting at a south florida high school that killed seventeen people in the wake of that massacre the president place some of the blame for the shooting on the video game industry which puts out titles that sometimes glorified guns and violence white house spokeswoman sarah sanders prison wants to continue the conversation on uh every different area that we can to help promote school safety the entertainment industry sites various studies that have found no link between violence and video games at the white house john decker fox news former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski will testify on capitol hill again today about russian election meddling he'll be questioned the seconds on by members of the house intelligence committee shark attacks could become a thing of the past with the development of new technology called clever boy which uses sonar to detect what's in the water giving lifeguards the time to tell everybody to get out surfer em cairns helped to do to.

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